Washer / Dryer Repair

Whether you’ve got a washing machine or a dryer, both are prone to breaking down at least a few times in their lifecycle. Both have many parts that move together, and a washing machine requires water. Both are an excellent luxury in a home and arguably one of the most important appliances.

Being without these appliances can turn your world upside down and can build a mountain of laundry in your home. So, before that happens, give Jason’s Appliance Repair of Monroe, NC a call. Our expert team of professionals will be able to send a certified technician to your door and get your appliances running before the end of the day.

With qualifications and experience under their belts, our technicians are there to handle any of the large brands.

Why did my appliance break down?

There are an endless number of reasons that a dryer or washer could fail. More times than not, there are multiple issues at the same time and so this can make finding out what the issue is hard. But for an expert in the field, this is extremely easy to figure out.

DIY is no way to fix an issue on an appliance, unless you’re certified and know what you’re doing. If you attempt DIY with a “hit or miss” technique, chances are you’ll void your warranty and end up paying for a new machine or repair services in the end. It’s always better to call an expert.

Our aim is to ensure that your device is running like new. By hiring a repair company, you extend the life of your appliance.

Common problems and their reparation

Loud noises

If you start to hear loud noises from your appliance, turn it off immediately. This could be many issues. Anything from a motor, the shock absorbers, roller supports, pumps and more. If these are at fault it’s best to get them repaired and checked straight away to prevent further damage.

When the problem is a drive belt that is old or has begun to fray, it can be fixed by a simple replacement.

My washing machine is leaking

If you notice leakage from your machine, turn it off as soon as possible. The last thing you want is lasting damage to the floors or walls around. It’s most likely a hose with the fault. It could be cracked or possibly frayed. In this case, a replacement is often the best option.

If the pump is having issues draining the water, this will also most likely need a replacement.

Washer/Dryer isn’t turning on

If your appliance is not turning on, ensure that there is power coming from the outlet by trying another device in the socket. If it does work, check the plug’s fuse. If at this point it still is not working, call Jason’s Appliance Repair Services today.

Dryer isn’t heating

Most problems with dryers are sourced from airflow, if there isn’t enough airflow the machine will become gradually less effective until it stops working altogether. Try clearing the blockage from the filter or using a vacuum within the air duct. If it’s still now working, call us.

Considering a replacement

The average lifetime of a washing machine is 11 years, with a dryer being slightly longer at 13. This is only if it’s cared for and maintained to a good standard. The good thing about working with Jason’s Appliance Repair is that we’ll tell you if it’s not worth repairing and it’ll be cheaper to replace your machine. We’ll always keep you in the loop and provide the best financially viable option for you.

Whatever the issue you’re having, we’re here to assist you. Our reliable service is the most affordable and speedy repair and maintenance service out there. Call us to schedule an appointment today.