Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerators help keep your food fresh for longer. When they break down, they can cost you hundreds of dollars in ruined food and it can be extremely frustrating for you. Luckily, you don’t have to buy a brand-new fridge, instead, you should hire a respectable and certified repair service.


Jason’s Appliance Repair is always on standby to assist in your refrigerator repairs. With reliable repairs and regular maintenance with us, you won’t only get your fridge back up and running, but you’ll extend the life of your product for the years to come.


Our experts are certified to resolve any issues your fridge may have, regardless of the model or brand. So, don’t worry about where your fridge is from or what issue you’re having, Jason’s Appliance Repair can help.

The Signs That Your Refrigerator Needs Repair

It can be hard to distinguish between what might be easy to fix the issue and a more complex one. But there are a few tells that should reveal when a fridge requires repair. One of the most obvious ones is when your fridge starts to leak. Should you start to see water leaking from your appliance, there’s something wrong.

Move any food away from the leak so that you don’t end up with spoiled food and ensure that the leakage is not caused by this food or drink. If it’s not the content of the fridge then you’ll need to call an expert as soon as possible to avoid dangerous consequences.

Often also a common sign of an issue is strange sounds coming from your refrigerator. Although there is usually a standard sound that you should be used to, if you start hearing any sounds like snapping, clanking or hissing, feel free to give us a call, we’ll get it fixed.

Lesser-known signs you might require repair on your fridge

There are some issues that you may not notice instantly or could be harder to spot. Sometimes it can be easy to think it will fix itself, but rarely it does. With leaking and strange noises, you’re already aware your fridge needs repair. But there are some that can be hard to notice.

Ensuring that your food is staying fresh for a long time is important. If your food goes bad before the date on the box and it’s happening often, your fridge may not be cooling as it should. It’s best to check your temperature settings a match them to your manual.

If it still happens, consider giving us a call on (704) 601-7056 to get your refrigerator sorted today.

Maintaining your fridge regularly

These appliances are extremely important to most modern households. Keeping food fresh for longer and making sure that food is cool. It’s often overlooked when it comes to maintaining these appliances regularly, but it’s important.

Scheduled maintenance should be done on the machine to make sure that your fridge lasts longer and is looked after. Thus, avoiding extra costs from repairs and replacement later down the line.

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It doesn’t matter what make or model your refrigerator is, we’re here to help get it back up and running in a fast and reliable timeframe. If you have issues with your fridge, call us up and chat to one of our professionals. They will be able to provide you with all the details you need and the next steps towards getting your refrigerator running better than new.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and our rates are low. So, call us today and sort your fault today.