Ice Maker Repair

Summers can be hot in Monroe, that’s why an Ice Maker can be the most useful appliance in our arsenal. But when that fails, it can cause lots of stress, frustration, and anger. If you have an Ice Maker, like most of us you’ll probably take it for granted. But don’t fret, Jason’s Appliance Repair can help if your Ice Machine is faulty.

We’re the best of the best when it comes to reliable, fast and affordable appliance repair. If you live in or around Monroe, NC we’re always on hand to assist. Our staff members are trained to investigate and figure out what’s causing the problems with your appliance and provide a quote straight away, resolving the fault and preventing widespread panic for you and those around you.

Regardless of brand or model, our expert engineers have relevant experience to diagnose, investigate and resolve any appliance issues you may have. From well-known brands to the lesser-known antique or rare brands, we can fix it.

Why did my ice maker become faulty?

An Ice Maker may look to be a simple device that shouldn’t break down, but there are many reasons why one could fail and often these cause more problems if left unattended to.

The assembly for the filter is often a cause of issues when faulty, but so is the assembly for the ejector, the water valve or the line supplying the water. So as you can imagine, these machines can be rather complex.

We always recommend against any kind of DIY repairs, for good reason. Water and electrical voltages do not mix. A staggering 17% of all electrocutions in the United States were caused by appliances in homes and around residential zones. So please do not attempt any major repairs, for your own safety.

The common issues and repairing them

My Ice maker won’t work

The first thing to do if your ice maker isn’t working is to ensure your control arm is in the right position, consult your manual for this. Also ensure that if your ice maker has a pause function, that it isn’t set. If these do not resolve the issue for you, you could have a part that needs replacement or repairs. We are on hand to help.

The Ice Maker is not making ice

In the case that your appliance is not making ice, it’s possible that the line providing water could be blocked, ensure that there is no frost blocking it. If the water is still not running or the water is discolored, call Jason’s Appliance Repair. Early signs of this issue can be seen in the form of the ice maker producing fewer ice cubes than it should.


Possibly the most dangerous fault you can have with an ice maker, regardless of if it’s a fridge ice maker or a stand-alone ice maker. This can be quickly investigated by ensuring that the appliance is level on the ground. Ensure that the bin for filling up is aligned correctly with the extraction funnel. If this is still happening afterward, call us as soon as possible before the leak causes damage to other appliances or the flooring around it.


At which point should I consider a replacement?

If maintained and looked after, an ice maker can last for around 5 years before having issues. This isn’t very long for an appliance and is exactly why regular service is important to ensure you get the most out of your machine. Once older than 5 years, you’ll start to notice the machine breaking down and having faults.

We can help you find a good replacement. Give us a call today at Jason’s Appliance Repair, Monroe.