Freezer Repair

The freezer is one of the most useful appliances in a household, if yours is broken don’t try DIY. Call Jason’s Appliance Repair of Monroe, NC today.


Avoid the costs of food going bad when your freezer breaks down by calling a reputable Appliance Repair company like Jason’s. We understand the stress that a broken appliance can cause, and we’ll do our very best to have your appliance back up and running and save you lots of cash which you would have spent purchasing a brand-new appliance.


And that’s where we come in. Jason’s Appliance Repair has a fantastic team of expert engineers ready to assist in all your appliance repair and maintenance needs. We can inspect and repair any problem your freezer may be having regardless of brand and model.

The common issues with freezers that we fix

It doesn’t matter about the type of freezer, it can be a free-standing freezer, chest, drawer or a fridge-freezer type, we at Jason’s can assist. Our pros are on standby to fix any issue your appliance may have. If your freezer is having these problems, give us a call.

Freezer won’t turn on

If your freezer won’t turn on, ensure that the power is running, if you’ve already done this ensure that the plug is secured and there isn’t a trip on the breaker. If this doesn’t resolve it, call us.

The freezer isn’t cool enough

A common issue we see is when a freezer isn’t cooling, sometimes this can be due to the door being left slightly open or the temperature settings are not set correctly, check your manual for these. In the case that everything is set properly, our professionals can come out and fix your problem

The Freezer is too cold

In the case that your freezer is too cold, it could be that there is frost building up within your freezer. If you notice that the pipes on your freezer are showing signs of frost, call us quickly as this can become a larger issue.

The temperature is inconsistent

Sometimes the temperature of a freezer can fluctuate, this can cause more problems by causing food to go bad. Ensure that there is not a build-up of debris or dust inside the freezer, if there isn’t it could be much more serious. Our expert engineers are ready to fix this for you.

Damage to the doors or faulty seals

This common issue can often be the cause of wasted energy. You can ensure the seal is working by placing a dollar bill into the door and closing it, try to pull it out. If you can, the fault lays with the seal, this will need to be looked at and repaired by one of our professionals.

Sounds coming from the freezer which isn’t normal

Any noise that is unrecognizable is usually down to either the motor or compressor in the freezer. Luckily, our professionals are on hand to fix this quickly.

Other problem indications

Other common issues may include but are not limited to defrost controls being defective, safety switches being broken and the fans for the evaporator being faulty.

If you do by chance notice these issues, don’t attempt DIY. This can cause more issues and often can void your warranty should more issues arise.

Jason’s Appliance Repair of Monroe, NC a call

If you need fast, affordable and reliable freezer repair or maintenance and you’re living in or around Monroe, NC. Jason’s Appliance Repair is the best of the best. We have top of the line engineers ready to come to your door that is always happy to help.

When working with us, you’ll always have the best service and you will constantly be kept in the loop. Expect to experience a speedy, cost-effective and friendly repair service from the get-go. Any freezer brand including but not limited to Samsung, Revco, GE, Kelvinator, Whirlpool, and LG can be repaired by us. Don’t hesitate, call us today.